What is the relationship between menstruation and masturbation, and should I not masturbate during my period?

How to

Many women are suddenly horny and sexually active during their periods and want to masturbate.
But during menstruation, your mind and body can be so sensitive that you may not know if it’s okay to masturbate, or you may be hesitant to do so because you’re worried about getting your menstrual blood on your hands or underwear.

In this article, we’re going to thoroughly elucidate the questions surrounding masturbation during menstruation, including whether it’s okay to masturbate during your period, and if so, how to masturbate, and what to look out for when masturbating during your period.

In conclusion, it’s OK to masturbate

In conclusion, it’s OK to masturbate during your period.

Masturbation for women helps to maintain hormonal balance, relieve stress and relax. Especially during menstruation, when women are prone to stress due to poor health, such as stuffy sanitary napkins, menstrual pains, and migraines, masturbation can have a positive effect on the woman’s body.

However, during menstruation, a woman’s body, especially the mucous membrane areas such as the vagina and clitoris, are very delicate, so you have to be careful when masturbating.

We’ll go into more detail on how to masturbate for your mind and body during your period later, but it’s important to understand first that just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you have to put up with masturbation when your libido is heightened, or that you shouldn’t masturbate when you’re on your period.

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Why does your sex drive increase during your period?

Women can experience an increase in sex drive during their periods due to hormonal balance. You don’t have to worry at all that you’re crazy to be horny when you’re on your period.

It is said that the increase in sexual desire in women during their periods is related to changes in the production of estrogen, a female hormone.

Estrogen is a hormone that helps to maintain a woman’s health, and its secretion is at its highest before ovulation.
It is believed that as estrogen production increases, so does a woman’s hornyness and sexual desire, due to the human reproductive instinct, which is strongest on the day of ovulation.

In addition, many women say that they want to masturbate or have sex around the end of their period, such as the fourth or fifth day of their period, rather than the second or third day of their period when their period has just started and they bleed a lot, because the secretion of estrogen, which is reduced before the period, increases.

Thus, from the perspective of a woman’s hormonal cycle, it is natural for sexual desire to increase during menstruation.

Benefits of masturbation during menstruation

It is said that masturbation has a positive effect on beauty by promoting the secretion of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, as well as relieving stress, providing a good night’s sleep, and regulating hormonal balance.

So, let’s explain the benefits of masturbation during menstruation for women.

Helps to maintain hormonal balance

Female masturbation has a hormonal balancing effect on women. Women are especially prone to hormonal imbalances during their periods, which can cause both mental and physical instability.

Many women may experience migraine headaches and feelings of irritability and restlessness during their periods.

Masturbation during menstruation can be expected to have a positive effect on both the body and mind, as it helps to balance hormones, reduce irritation and other discomforts during menstruation, and allow women to sleep soundly.

It can relieve sexual desire

If you hold back the desire to have sex or masturbate when you’re on your period, which can cause stress and disrupt your hormonal balance, it can affect your health.

Periods are also a particularly stressful time of year, as your health and mental health can be particularly unstable. The stress of holding back your sex drive can cause you to take out your frustration on someone else, or it can cause skin problems such as rashes and insomnia.

If you eliminate your sexual desire by masturbation, you will be able to eliminate the stress of holding back and thus maintain a balance between mind and body.

You can expect to reduce your appetite

It is said that “appetite”, “desire for sleep” and “sex drive” are the three major human needs.

During menstruation, the hormonal balance changes, and this is a time when cravings are stronger than usual, such as an increase in appetite, craving for sweets, sudden sleepiness, and sexual desire, which makes us feel horny.

Cravings in particular can double when other cravings are not satisfied. For example, if you can’t get rid of your sex drive and you’re hoarding it, you’re worried that you’ll eat too much and gain weight, for example, you’ll have an increased appetite and go on to eat a lot of food.

The solution to this problem is masturbation during your period. If you masturbate during your period without holding back and satisfy your sexual desires, you can expect to balance your hormones, satisfy your sexual desires, and prevent your cravings from being focused solely on your appetite.

It also helps reduce menstrual pain!

Menstrual pains are the most stressful discomfort during menstruation and give women the most stress.
Menstrual cramps are caused by the secretion of prostaglandin, a hormone that encourages the contraction of the uterus to expel menstrual blood, and vasoconstriction caused by poor blood circulation due to cold.

Estrogen, a female hormone, helps to make blood vessels supple and improve blood flow. Masturbation increases the production of estrogen, which improves blood flow and is said to help reduce menstrual pain.

You can explore sexual areas other than the vagina

Even if you want to masturbate during your period, you may be hesitant to touch the vaginal area for fear of leaking menstrual blood or damaging your genitals by stimulating them too hard.

The vagina is especially delicate during your period, so you don’t want to get any germs in there.

If that’s the case, find yourself a sexual area other than the clitoris or vagina that feels good to touch, such as your nipples, ears, neck or legs.

You may not get as much stimulation as the clitoris or vagina, but you may be able to develop sexual zones that you didn’t know you had before. The more sexual zones you have, the more your body can feel more comfortable with normal masturbation and sex.

Here’s a quick guide to clitoral masturbation!

You can also aim to increase sensitivity

The basic rule of masturbation during menstruation is to use a softer touch than usual without using too much pressure to avoid damaging the clitoris or vagina.

Soft touch is less stimulating than regular masturbation, and you may feel that it is not enough, but by taking your time and doing soft touch masturbation, you can improve your own sensitivity so that you can feel even soft stimulation.

Also, if you want to develop sexual zones other than the clitoris and the vagina by masturbation during your period, I recommend that you touch the nipple and the neck gently with feather touch, which is the moderation of power like being stroked with a bird’s feather, which may or may not touch your fingertip to the skin.

When you feather touch the sexually sensitive areas gently, the frustration and tickling sensation of wanting to touch them more becomes a pleasant sensation, and sensitivity can be increased so that it slowly seeps into your body from the outside.

Masturbation during menstruation is a workout that can increase sensitivity and make you feel more comfortable and come more easily.

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You can also aim to increase sensitivity

How to masturbate during your period

Some women may want to masturbate during their periods, but they do not know how to do it because their bodies are delicate during their periods, and they may end up holding back their horny feelings.

From here, I’ll explain how to masturbate in a way that will help you get pleasure when you are on period while you work on your body.

From top of your underwear with a napkin on

When masturbating during your period, such as in your own bed, try to stimulate your clitoris by gently touching it through your underwear with a napkin on, while stimulating other sexual areas such as your breasts, legs and neck.

Stimulate your clitoris by using your fingertips to make circular motions, lightly tapping it with your fingertips, or if that’s not enough, pinching and kneading it around.

Since your body is more sensitive during menstruation, stimulation over your underwear with a napkin on should be enough to give you pleasure. Additionally, you can prevent germs from entering your vagina by avoiding direct contact with your genitals.

When you stimulate your clitoris to orgasm, you may also bleed more at the end of your period because of the increased blood flow, so when you masturbate, wear a larger sanitary napkin or move the sanitary napkin back more than usual to prevent blood from leaking out and staining your underwear and sheets.

Try using tampons

The most disturbing thing about masturbation during menstruation is probably the fact that your fingers, underwear, sheets, etc. get dirty with menstrual blood. When menstrual blood leaks, the visual shock can make you feel cold and you may not be able to clean up afterwards.

If this is the case, insert a tampon into your vagina and masturbate. Tampons absorb the blood and swell up to hold back the blood so it doesn’t leak out. You can concentrate on masturbation just in case you wear a thin layer of tampons with your underwear.

As for the method of masturbation using a tampon, you will touch your clitoris or breasts with a tampon inserted, and stimulate them to increase their sensitivity.

Have you ever heard that vaginal training makes it easier to reach orgasm? Vaginal orgasms are caused by contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, the inner muscles.

As you stimulate the vagina by tightening and loosening the tampon gingerly, like a vaginal training session, you can increase the sensitivity and, if you get used to it, you can even cum vaginally as it is.

It is important to note that when you masturbate, don’t get excited and push the tampon deep into the vagina with your finger. If the tampon goes deep, you won’t be able to remove it yourself and you will have to go to a gynecologist or other clinic to have it removed.

Make sure that the end of the tampon string is always outside the vagina while masturbating.

Do it in the bathroom

If you’re not very good at putting tampons in, you can also masturbate in the bathroom. Even if you bleed, you can rinse it off later and you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty, and you can keep it clean by washing your fingers and genitals well in the shower before and after you masturbate.

If you apply body soap to your nipples and legs and increase sensitivity to the wetness of your nipples and legs, and then lightly touch your clitoris and masturbate, it will give you a different sensation from masturbation that you usually do in bed.

Furthermore, if you are masturbating in the bathroom, I recommend that you masturbate in the shower.

First of all, wash all over your body, and lightly touch your clitoris with a clean finger to enhance your mood. Let go of your hand when you feel a little pleasure, and start by applying the shower to your clitoris with low water pressure.

The key is to sit with your legs open or stand and put one foot on the step to make it easier for the shower to hit your clitoris.

The temperature of the water should be 36°C to 37°C, close to your body temperature, and gradually increase the water pressure in the shower from a low water pressure to a high water pressure.

When it feels good, reduce the water pressure and then increase it again, and when you finally feel a big wave of pleasure, increase the water pressure all the way to orgasm.

Bathrooms are usually designed so that it’s hard to hear voices and sounds, and if you can’t help but moan outloud, the sound of the shower can cover up the voice, so this is a good option for people who live with their families.

You can enjoy masturbation to your heart’s content without being heard by anyone in a private space.

It is important to be careful when masturbating in the shower that you don’t apply water at too high a temperature and that you don’t use too much water pressure. It is a delicate area and too much stimulation can cause burns and pain.

Adult Products for Menstruation

You don’t want to touch your genitals directly with your fingers during your period for hygiene reasons. But even if you stimulate it with your finger through the napkin, it’s not enough. In such a case, use adult goods and masturbate.

You shouldn’t use toys too much during your delicate period, should you? This may seem correct, but sex toys actually can be used safely even during menstruation if you are careful about usage and hygiene.

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If you are on your period and you feel the need to insert yourself into the vagina, it is more hygienic to use a vibrator than a finger.

A vibrator is a stick-shaped adult product that mimics the shape of a male organ and is mainly inserted into a woman’s vagina. It is electric and has a vibrating and swinging function to stimulate the female vagina and bring her to orgasm.

Many vibrators have a small vibrator that stimulates the clitoris at the base of the vibrator, which is called a “clitoral vibe”, and it is a convenient adult toy that can enjoy both external and internal come.

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When inserting a condom-covered vibrator, it’s best to use it in a bathroom where it can be rinsed off quickly, in case the blood spills when you insert and remove the vibrator. Don’t forget to check to see if your vibrator is waterproof.

Even if it claims to be waterproof, there are times when it breaks down and becomes unusable after a full wash. If you use the vibrator in the bathroom or wash a dirty vibrator, cover the battery part with a towel to prevent it from getting wet.

When inserting a vibrator into your vagina for masturbation, it is not advisable to thrust it in and out of the vagina too vigorously, or to try to thrust it deep into the vagina in order to reach orgasm.

The vagina is in a very delicate state where the endometrium is shedding and the blood is trying to get out. If you use a vibrator to push back the blood that is trying to come out, it can cause endometriosis.

It is recommended that you do not try to get strong pleasure from insertion alone, but focus on stimulation of the clitoris and other sexual zones, and that you only insert the vibrator gently.

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I’m not a fan of inserting fingers or goodies during my period, but I’d like to at least get some outside come! In that case, try stimulating your clitoris with a egg-vibrator on top of your underwear with a thin napkin on it.

A egg-vibrator, also known as a pink egg-vibrator, is an adult product that is mainly used to stimulate the clitoris with its vibrating function.

Learn how to use a egg-vibrator in this article!

You can change the intensity of vibration with the switch, which is connected to the vibration part by the cord. It is light and small, and it is easy to carry, and most of them are inexpensive, so it can be said that even beginners of adult goods can easily try it.

However, during your period, we recommend that you put it on your clitoris over your underwear with a thin napkin and change the strength of the vibration with the switch at hand and enjoy the stimulation to your clitoris.

If you want to insert it into the vagina or apply it directly to the clitoris, be sure to use it with a condom over the vibrating part for hygiene reasons.

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If you are looking for a stronger stimulation than a egg-vibrator, you can try the Denma on top of your underwear with a napkin on.

The Denma is the abbreviation of the electric massager, and it is a health device originally made to relieve the stiffness of the shoulder and the waist by the vibration function, but the strong vibration that leads to the orgasm at once when it is used against the clitoris is attractive.

The body is large and corded, so the Denma is recommended for people who want strong stimulation. If you think about the power, the cord type is the strongest.

Denma also allows you to change the strength of the vibration with a switch on hand. If you want to stimulate your clitoris, you can start with a weaker vibration, and if it’s not enough, you can increase the intensity of the vibration, and so on.

It is better to apply the Denma to the clitoris during menstruation, not directly to the clitoris, but over a thin napkin like a egg-vibrator. The power of the Denma is so strong that it can be used to stimulate the clitoris even if it is placed over a napkin.

If you have to use a condom, you should use a special condom for Denma. You can buy condoms for Denma at adult goods stores.

Because of the strong vibrations of a condom, it can cause more blood to flow and love juices to gush out as you reach orgasm. If you don’t want to mess up your surroundings, it’s best to put on a napkin or tampon before you masturbate so it’s easy to clean up afterwards.

Just be careful not to use too much Denma, as it can rub against the napkin and cause darkening of the delicate zone.

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Because your body is in a different state of mind during your period, it’s not just a matter of using the same method of masturbation as you normally do.
The mind and the body are both sensitive during menstruation, so we will explain what you should pay special attention to when masturbating during your period.

Pay attention to your hygiene

During menstruation, your body is more delicate and has lower resistance and immunity than usual, which makes it easier for germs to enter the vagina and cause infections such as bacterial vaginosis, which your own immune system can’t block.

Be sure to shower clean around your genital area before and after masturbation, and wash your hands, fingers, and between your nails as well.

It’s best to avoid touching the clitoris or vagina directly with your fingers if you can, especially between your fingernails, as germs often accumulate there. Women with long nails can damage the clitoris and vaginal opening, so be especially careful.

Beware of the amount of force

The skin and mucous membranes around the genitals are softer than usual during menstruation because they are wet with menstrual blood.

If you touch your clitoris with the same degree of force as usual, or masturbate with a finger or a vibrator and move it vigorously, you may be injured or experience pain.

You may not be able to see it, but it may be the result of damage to the mucous membrane. If you masturbate vigorously without realizing it, the wound may spread rapidly. The key is to be gentle during your period and slowly increase your sensitivity.

Also, be careful not to insert your finger or a vibrator too vigorously or to thrust too far into the back of the body because you have too much energy to seek the same kind of pleasure as usual. If your period should be over, but you bleed when you masturbate, there is a possibility that your clitoris or somewhere else in your vagina is damaged.

Protect against leaks

If you masturbate in your room, especially if you masturbate in bed, it is necessary to take good measures to prevent leakage, as the blood may leak and stain the surroundings.

If you keep a tampon for clitoral stimulation and put a large nighttime napkin in your underwear, you can catch the blood that leaks through your buttocks by shifting it back slightly.

Also, if you put a dark-colored bath towel on the bed, there’s less of a visual shock if it leaks, and it’s easier to clean up because you can just wash the towel.

Always wash underwear and towels with blood on them by pinching the stained area with water, not hot water. If you wash the cloth with hot water, the blood on the cloth may harden and become hard to remove.

Don’t do this in a hot tub!

If you masturbate in the bathroom, it is recommended that you do it in the washroom, not in the bathtub.

There are germs and dirt floating in the bathtub that you can’t see.
Normally you can prevent infection with your own immune system, but if you masturbate during your menstruation, when your vaginal immunity is low, the dirt and germs in the bathtub water can enter the vagina and small wounds on the mucous membranes, causing infections such as vaginitis.

Be sure to masturbate outside of the bathtub and wash it clean in the shower before and after. However, the vagina has a self-cleaning function, which keeps the vagina healthy and kills any germs that enter it.

If you wash too much of the delicate part of the vagina, the balance of the self-cleaning function may be lost and germs may breed more easily, so avoid scrubbing too much with soap and body soap.

Always use condoms in your goods

When using adult products for masturbation during your period, cover them with a condom and avoid direct contact with the vagina or clitoris.

Even if you think you are taking good care of it, germs can grow on the goods. If you touch the delicate area with a germ-covered good, you will push the germs into the vagina, which could cause an infection.

In addition, even if the goods are stained with blood, if you wear a condom, it is easy to dispose of it afterwards because the blood will not adhere directly to the body.

After removing a condom, if it is a waterproof one, it is good to keep the goods clean by washing it lightly in water, spraying it with sanitizing spray and wiping it with a soft cloth.

Since adult products are used on delicate parts, it is recommended to keep the hygiene before and after using them.

There are many condoms on the market these days that are specially designed for adult products, so buy them as if they were a consumable item.


Some women may say that masturbating during their periods makes them feel like they are doing something bad.

However, it is not strange for a woman’s hormonal cycle to have a strong sex drive during her period, and on the contrary, not being able to release your sex drive and holding back can have a negative impact on your hormonal balance.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t masturbate because you’re on your period. However, the clitoris and vagina are very sensitive and immunity is lowered during menstruation, so it is important to be gentle and mindful of hygiene so as not to damage the delicate areas.

During your period, you may want to find a pattern of masturbation that is gentle on your body and feels good to you, such as stimulating mainly non-vaginal sexual areas such as your nipples, legs, and neck to boost your mood, and then touching your clitoris a little bit or inserting toys at the end of your period.