Why mastering sex positions can help you avoid a rut

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Do you tend to leave the sex positions to him? If that’s the case, you may need to make some changes because it’s easy to get stuck in a sex rut. If you find yourself wanting sex to be over quickly or wanting to have sex with him less and less, it may be a red flag that you are in a rut. ……

The reason why sex becomes a rut is because the same pattern of sex becomes routine work, and you don’t get new stimulation and excitement.

Trying a new sex position can add a new spice to your rutted bed time. Since women can actively change sex positions, it can be a great way to get out of a rut. Moreover, there are many different sex positions that can be tried and tested by the couple, which can be a hot experience.

There are many benefits to changing positions, such as increasing pleasure and finding new sexual zones. This article will give you a thorough explanation of positions that can help you get out of a sex rut.

Maybe you’re in a rut? A Dangerous Checklist

You may suddenly find yourself thinking, “Could it be that we’re in a rut ……? It’s hard to admit that you’re in a rut, even if you feel like you are.

If you admit that you’re in a rut, you feel like you have to recognize that you’re in a malaise, and it’s kind of frustrating. However, you need to face the reality first, because you are actually feeling like sex is becoming a rut and you are bored. So, let’s do a self-check to see if any of the following three things apply to you.

  • I want sex to be over quickly
  • I tend to act while in sex
  • I don’t want to have sex with him anymore

If any of these apply to you, unfortunately, you as a couple may be stuck in a rut. However, there is no need to be sad or afraid about it at all. You can get out of your sex rut. This is why I’m going to introduce you to a variety of sex positions. Before we look at how to get out of a rut, let’s first take a look at why you can be considered to be in a rut if the above three points apply to you.

Don’t worry. It’s something that is pretty common among most couples because, as with all things in life, sex has its peaks and its valleys. The key is not to get comfortable with things remaining in a blah or ho-hum state because, if you do, it could result in you staying there, becoming totally dissatisfied—and that could create a domino effect of other problems between you and yours.

7 Signs You’re In A “Sex Rut” & How To Get Out Of It

I honestly want it to be over soon

Anything that is boring or tedious, you want it to be over as soon as possible. For example, mundane conversations with people you don’t get along with, pointless meetings at the office, boring movies or dramas, or unappetizing meals, everyone wants them to end as soon as possible.

However, you can’t stop in the middle of the conversation and you have to stay with him until the end, which is unmotivating and painful. For you, sex with him is just like that.

Sex is supposed to be a wonderful time to deepen your love for your partner. Just being touched by the man you love is a feeling, and the excitement when he enters you is something special. However, as a couple’s relationship grows longer, they inevitably lose the ability to feel such “crushes”.

This is because they tend to have sex in situations that they have done many times before, or have the same kind of sex over and over again. This kind of patterning is what causes sex to become a rut.

This becomes a “habit” similar to eating bread for breakfast every morning or brushing one’s teeth. A habit is basically an action that we do regularly because we need to, even though we are not particularly enthusiastic about doing it.

It can also be called routine work or flowing work. When sex becomes a rut, it’s just like waking up and eating bread in the morning, and when he asks or pressures you, you just go to bed. It’s no wonder that sex is boring and you want to get it over with.

Acting out

If you find yourself “acting” more and more during sex, there is a good chance that you are stuck in a rut. For example, pretending to feel something, or pretending to have an orgasm, is a way to make your partner think you are feeling it.

There are a variety of ways to act, such as verbally expressing how good you feel, or expressing it with your voice or body shaking. Of course, everyone acts when they have sex. There are times when a little bit of acting is necessary to get in the mood or to excite the other person.

However, when sex becomes a rut, you will be forced to act in ways that are usually not necessary. For example, pretending to want to have sex, or pretending to be mentally excited. I don’t like the idea of having sex in a rut.

So even if he asks you to have sex with him, you may feel like it’s too much trouble inside. Of course, women also have sexual desires, and sex is necessary to release their pent up sexual desires.

However, just as few people eat breakfast every day with excitement, there is little motivation to actively engage in sex that has become a task. This makes us feel bad for our partners, so we tend to act out.

In addition, this kind of work-based sex is less likely to give you pleasure. This is because a woman needs to be mentally aroused in order to be sexually aroused.

No matter how much physical stimulation you receive, if your mind is not aroused, orgasm will not come very close. This feeling is difficult for men to understand. Men can usually get sexual pleasure when their penis is stimulated. It is this gap that sometimes causes women to act out.

I don’t want to do it anymore

If you find that you want to have sex with him less and less, or hardly at all, it is very likely that you are in a sex rut. Especially if you don’t feel like doing it when he asks you out, then you are probably in a rut. Sex is important for couples.

It’s nice to be able to connect with him, and sex just feels good and gives you peace of mind. There are times when women just don’t want to have sex because of their hormonal cycles and physical changes, but it is rare that they don’t want to have sex all the time.

In other words, you don’t want to have sex with him anymore because you don’t find sex with him very attractive. Incidentally, “not wanting to have sex with him” and “not loving him” are two completely different things.

Just because you don’t want to have sex with him doesn’t mean that you don’t love him. This kind of misunderstanding often happens when you are in a sex rut. If you connect your willingness to have sex with your love for him, you may feel that you no longer want to have sex with him because you have lost your love for him.

…… If such a thought crosses your mind, you might really fade out your love for him from a kind of suggestion.

It is true that getting into a sex rut can lead to problems in the romantic relationship itself. However, that’s only if you don’t notice the rut, or if you do notice it and don’t take action. Rest assured that this will not happen if you use proper measures to get out of the sex rut.

Even if you are already starting to have problems in your relationship, it is important to try to communicate anyway. When you are able to enjoy sex again like before, the couple’s relationship itself will improve and you will be able to deepen your love.


Are you always in the same position?

Why do we get stuck in a sex rut in the first place? As I mentioned earlier, rutting is caused by a decrease in stimulation. For example, if you eat a dish that you have never eaten before, and it is to your liking, you will find it very tasty. However, if you then continue to eat that food every day, you may become bored with it or find it stale.

This is because you will not be able to feel the same emotions as you did when you first experienced it. The same thing can happen with sex. In other words, you get bored with the same thing over and over again.

When this happens, you may wonder if your love for him has diminished ……. However, this should not be the case. Just because you are bored with a dish doesn’t mean that you no longer like it. So, how can we enjoy that dish again?

For example, if you slightly change the ingredients or cooking method used, or use new spices, it may taste completely different. Even if the fundamentals of that dish are the same, changing it just a little can make a big difference in your mood.

There are several possible ways to bring a similar effect to sex. For example, changing the situation, the location, or the content of the sex play can be effective. It is also a good idea to introduce sex toys to add a new level of stimulation. This time, however, let’s focus on the “positions” of sex.

Sex positions are like cooking methods. If you always cook in a certain way, it will be stable, but you will not get new stimulation and it will become monotonous. In particular, I think there are many women who say that they often leave the sex positions to their men …….

It’s no wonder that sex can become a rut. Basically, men can be made to feel good in any position. Therefore, they don’t think too much about how the woman feels or how to make her feel better. That’s why we often end up in the same positions all the time.

However, body position is a very important factor for women to enhance their pleasure. Stimulation and pleasure vary greatly depending on the position. Therefore, if the woman is willing to improve the positions, it will be easier to get out of the sex rut.

Mastering positions has many benefits

We have briefly introduced the main points about the importance of positions in sex. The details of positions that are effective in getting out of a rut will be explained later, but first, let’s see what benefits women can get if they master sex positions. If you are going to learn a position, the more benefits you get, the better.

The following are some of the main benefits of improving your sex position technique.

  • Increase sensitivity
  • Develop new sexual zones
  • It can help you get out of a rut

As I mentioned earlier about getting out of a rut. It may be hard to imagine the increased sensitivity, but if you actually try it, you will notice a clear difference.

Especially in positions where the woman is able to move dominantly, she can place his penis on the spot that makes her feel good, and the pleasure will soar. In the process of trial and error, you may discover and develop sexual zones that you did not know existed before.

You can expect increased sensitivity!

The type and intensity of pleasure that a woman can get from sex varies greatly depending on the position. This is because a change in position changes the angle and direction of the body and the way the penis hits the vagina. To get pleasure from sex, it is important to stimulate the sexual zones.

If the stimulation is weak, you will not be able to feel good. On the other hand, if your sexual zones are stimulated well, you will feel more pleasure and orgasm will be easier to achieve. It is the way the penis is applied that makes a big difference in this stimulation.

For example, in the Missionary position and Doggy style, the direction of the penis is opposite to that of the woman’s body. For example, in missionary position and doggy syle, the woman’s body and the penis are facing opposite directions.

As we will see later in this article, this can make a huge difference in which sexual zones in the vagina are more easily stimulated. Since everyone has their own preferences for stimulation and areas of sensitivity, it is not uncommon to find that even if you don’t feel very good in one position, you can change it up a bit and get just the right fit.

There are not only two or three sex positions, in fact, there are so many that you can count them with both hands and feet. Therefore, you are sure to find the position that is perfect for you. Moreover, if you learn the techniques of how to position yourself and how to move, you will be able to feel as good as you want to.

Even if you have never been able to cum during sex before, once you master the positions, you may be able to have more and more orgasms.

Develop new sexual sensations

Once you have mastered the techniques of the positions, you can discover and develop new sexual zones. As mentioned earlier, the sexual zones play a very important role in the pleasure of sex.

If you stimulate your sexual zones, you will feel better and as a result, you will reach orgasm. The more sexual zones you have, the more chances you have to do so. Therefore, it is better to have more sexual zones than fewer. The G-spot and Portio are two of the most important sexual zones.

The G-spot and Portio are both vaginal sensory zones. If you haven’t heard of these sexual zones before, or if you have but haven’t had many opportunities to stimulate them, this is a great opportunity to try them out.

Once you have mastered the techniques of sexual positions, these zones will be stimulated naturally, and you will also need to “develop” your sexual zones in order to feel the G-spot and Portio. By mastering the sex positions, you can also develop these sexual zones while feeling good with his penis.

In order to develop your sexual zones, it is important to know how to stimulate them. If you know how to apply and angle your penis, you will be able to develop them effectively. In this way, as you study sex positions and develop your sexual zones, you may accidentally discover other sexual zones that you didn’t know existed before.

In fact, the vagina is thought to be dotted with other sexual zones besides the G-spot and Portio, and it is up to each individual to decide where they feel most comfortable. You may even find a spot that gives you overwhelming pleasure.

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It can help you get out of a rut

The most significant benefit of improving your sex technique is the effect of getting out of a rut. A rut is caused by a decrease in the stimulation of sex or a lack of new excitement. This means that if new stimulation is added, it becomes easier to get out of a rut.

For this reason, it is extremely effective for women to improve their body position techniques. As I have mentioned, changing positions and getting the hang of how to move can make it easier to hit the good spots and develop sexual sensations.

Not only that, but it can also greatly amplify the pleasure of sex for the man. The same is true for men, as the way they move depends on the position.

Men tend to use the positions they are used to, but when a woman leads them to a new position, they can get unexpected stimulation. In other words, by increasing the variety of sex positions and improving techniques, couples can increase their excitement for each other.

These changes can also make a big difference in how you feel. Couples who are bored with routine sex will be able to have sex in a new mood. It is very attractive to have the fresh excitement of the time when you first met.

The technique itself will also improve, and you may find yourself more aroused than before. In this way, when you learn the techniques of the positions, you will be able to enjoy various benefits and fully enjoy your sex life with him.

5 positions recommended for breaking out of a rut

When you have sex with a man, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. In particular, the position of the body is directly related to the stimulation of the genitals, so if you leave it up to him, it is even easier to feel stuck in a rut.

Therefore, in order to increase the pleasure of sex, it is important for the woman to improve the variations of positions and techniques, and to guide the man. The following are five positions that are effective in breaking out of a sex rut.

  • Cowgirl
  • Standing Doggy
  • Viennese Oyster
  • Spooning
  • Kneel and Sit

All of these positions are rather orthodox, so they are not acrobatic. Therefore, they should be relatively easy for beginners to adopt. Each position has its own characteristics, and if you use them well, you can greatly increase the pleasure of sex.

In this section, I will introduce not only techniques for women, but also some for men. Please share them with your partner, and try to improve your sex techniques together as a couple.

Your first ice cream cone was probably orgasmic, but if you had a vanilla cone every night for dinner, you’d get bored (and sick). But just as there are many different flavors of ice cream, there are plenty of sex positions to get out of a sex rut, too.

4 Sex Positions To Get Out Of A Rut If Your Current Routine Is Boring


Cowgirl is a position in which a woman straddles a man on his back and inserts her penis. Cowgirl is one of the most popular positions among men, along with Doggy style.

Cowgirl is one of the most preferred positions by men, along with Doggy style, because it is a position that men find visually exciting. Cowgirl is also one of the few positions where the woman is the dominant one, which has a lot of advantages for the woman.

Cowgirl’s method is simple: she straddles the man and inserts her penis. The stimulation varies depending on the angle and the way the legs of the man and woman are opened, which I will explain later. The cowgirl can insert her penis deeper, but the bigger advantage is that it is easier to stimulate the G-spot.

In a regular cowgirl where the man and woman are facing each other, the curved part of the penis tends to hit the belly side, which can effectively stimulate the G-spot. Moreover, the woman can move the way she wants to.

In order to stimulate the G-spot with Cowgirl, it is more effective to include the “grind” motion, which is the movement from side to side, rather than just repeating the up and down motion. Try moving your hips slowly back and forth.

The trick is to stand on your knees or spread your legs in an M-shape, as it is difficult to move when your legs are closed. In particular, grind backwards to hit the G-spot better, but if you move backwards too much, your penis will bend in the opposite direction, which may hurt him.

Therefore, the grind should be done slowly and carefully, and you should watch his reaction. There are several variations of the grinding motion. Lifting your hips slightly away from the man and moving only the area below the pubic bone is also effective because it increases the sensation of the genitals rubbing against each other.

However, moving the hips from side to side is not very effective, and should be avoided as it may cause the man to damage his penis. It is recommended that this grind motion be interspersed with the normal pistoning motion, as it will greatly increase the pleasure for the woman.

Smith recommends switching up the speed and depth of penetration so there’s no discernible pattern. “Start with shallow, fast thrusts, and let yourself slowly fully sink onto your partner every fifth thrust.” Alicia Sinclair, certified sex educator and founder/CEO of The Cowgirl, also adds that if you’re struggling to find a rhythm (who among us etc.), you can alternate between bouncing and grinding or varying your speeds for either to suit your comfort and pleasure.

This Is How to Master the Cowgirl Position

Standing Doggy

Standing Doggy” is a position in which the doggy syle is standing. Standing Doggy” is a position in which the doggy syle is performed in a standing position. In the back position, the man inserts the woman on all fours from behind, but in Standing Doggy, the man and woman insert themselves while standing.

In Standing Doggy Style, the man and woman are inserted while standing, and the woman can take various positions, such as bending over and putting her hands against the wall, or having the man hold her and raise her upper body.

In fact, Standing Doggy is the favorite position of many men. This is because Standing Doggy is a position that is very wild and instinctively exciting.

The advantage of Standing Doggy is that you can insert your penis deep inside. In other positions, it is sometimes difficult to insert the penis deep because it hits the lower abdomen or thighs, or because it is angled.

Standing Doggy is especially effective in stimulating Portio sexual area. In other words, if you want to enjoy the best orgasm, Standing Doggy is the best choice.

In addition, Standing Doggy makes the vagina tighten naturally because the man and woman’s parts are close together. Therefore, not only women but also men can get great pleasure from it. The trick is to keep “pushing in” rather than thrusting hard. Therefore, when you insert it deep, ask him to continue the motion of pushing in a little from there, then pulling back and pushing in again.

Viennese Oyster

The “Viennese Oyster” is a position where a woman lying on her back bends her hips like a shrimp, and the man covers her. It may seem like a very unusual position, but it is a variation of the Missionary position. It’s surprisingly easy to do: first, assume the missionary position, then bend at the waist and bring both legs above your head.

Depending on the flexibility of your body, it may be difficult to bend at the waist, but you can bend as far as you can without straining. The knee bend Viennese Oyster, where the knees are on the stomach and the legs are not extended, is also effective.

The point of the Viennese Oyster is that it allows you to insert your penis deeper. This makes it easier to stimulate the Portio, G-spot, and other vaginal sensory zones, making it an easy position for a woman to get pleasure from.

As in the Missionary position, it is recommended to place a pillow or cushion under the hips to make it easier to insert the penis and hit the G-spot. The trick to getting more points in spooning is for the man to move his penis in large strokes rather than small piston movements.

The trick to getting more points in spooning is for the man to move his penis with big strokes instead of small piston movements, which will cause the woman’s body to sway more and make it easier for the penis to hit the vaginal sex points.

However, the Viennese Oyster is also a position where a woman can easily injure her back, so do not overdo it. In particular, depending on the direction of the vagina and the man’s movements, the woman’s hips may lift up.

It is important for men to adjust the amount of weight applied by propping up their hands, and also to be careful not to continue playing in this position for a long time. It is also necessary for the woman to increase her body flexibility by stretching on a regular basis.

In addition, the Viennese Oyster is a position that can be a bit challenging for both men and women, as it is a position that tends to exhaust the man’s energy.


Spooning is a position in which the man and woman are lying on their sides and the man inserts himself into the woman from behind. It is essentially a variation of Doggy Style.

In Spooning, the penis cannot be inserted deep into the woman’s body, so the woman can’t have her orgasm by letting him penetrate her. Spooning is more of a leisurely sex position rather than a G-spot or Portio stimulation position.

The main attraction of the Spooning position is the close contact between the man and woman’s bodies. The main attraction of the Spooning position is that the man and the woman are in close contact with each other, and the man can embrace the woman with his whole body, giving her a sense of unity that she cannot get in any other position.

Another characteristic of slow sex is that it takes longer for the man to reach orgasm because it is difficult for him to move vigorously. This is the best position for couples who want to deepen their love through slow sex.

Spooning is less stimulating than other positions in terms of sexual sensitivities, but the feeling of relaxation can make you feel more relaxed, which in turn can make your sexual sensitivities more sensitive. In addition, since there is less stress on both of your bodies, it is recommended for people who have difficulty bending their bodies or moving vigorously for some reason.

However, the visual stimulation is more subdued than in other positions because you cannot look at each other’s body and face from the front. If you are a couple and want to increase your mental satisfaction by being in close contact, try Spooning.

Kneel and Sit

The “Kneel and Sit” is a variation of the Cowgirl position where the woman straddles the seated man from above, facing him. The Kneel and Sit is a variation of Cowgirl. Kneel and Sit is the perfect position for a man and a woman to face each other and get close to each other to deepen their affection.

In addition, like Cowgirl, it is easy for the woman to take the initiative and stimulate her sex points as she pleases, which is a big advantage of Kneel and Sit. It’s like a combination of Cowgirl and Spooning, and it’s a very attractive position.

Kneel and Sit is an easy position to stimulate the G-spot because the warp of the penis hits the stomach. Kneel and Sit is a position that stimulates the female sex organs and makes it relatively easy to come inside the woman, but on the other hand, the stimulation for the man is more moderate. In other words, it is a position where the man can easily last longer.

So, if you are looking for a position where you can take your time and have your vagina attacked, the Kneel and Sit may be the perfect position for you. Furthermore, Kneel and Sit can be done not only on a bed, but also on a sofa or a chair, so it is a position that can be easily adapted to different situations.

Kneel and Sit is a position where the two bodies are in close contact with each other, which makes the woman feel safe and gives her a sense of mental satisfaction. This is also a factor that makes it easier to cum inside. However, unlike Cowgirl, in Kneel and Sit, the woman’s body position tends to collapse, so it is necessary for the man to support the woman’s body firmly.

The techniques used in Kneel and Sit are basically the same as in Cowgirl, especially the grind motion of the hips back and forth. However, since it is easy for the penis to penetrate deep, moving too vigorously may hit too deep and cause pain. Therefore, when performing Kneel and Sit, move carefully and enjoy the pleasure.

3 slightly different positions for advanced users

We have introduced five positions that are relatively easy to use, even for couples who have never tried many different positions before. Most of them are orthodox positions, so you may feel a little inadequate if you are used to them. For couples who want to have sex with a wider variety of positions, try the following three positions.

  • Standing Missionary
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Tsubame-Gaeshi

If you transform the basic positions such as the Missionary position, Cowgirl, Doggy style, Sitting position, and Spooning, you can get the above three positions. Therefore, it is better to master the positions mentioned above first, and then try these positions. The following is a detailed explanation of how to do each of these positions and their benefits.

Standing Missionary

Standing Missionary is one of the most acrobatic and advanced positions in the world. It is a variation of the standing position. Basically, the woman opens her legs and stretches them out behind the man, and her arms often hug the man to support her body. The man swings his hips and walks around, stimulating and rocking the woman’s vagina to increase mutual pleasure.

Standing Missionary is an effective position for stimulating Portio because it is easy to insert the penis deep into her. This is because the woman’s weight can easily be placed on the penis and it is naturally inserted deeper.

On the other hand, the Standing Missionary position is not appropriate because of the increased strain on both parties’ bodies when trying to attack the sexual zones with shallow penetration. It is best to use the Standing Missionary position to stimulate the Portio and achieve a Portio orgasm. Ask her to repeat this in a good rhythm.

However, since Standing Missionary is an acrobatic position where the woman’s entire body is held, it requires a man’s physique and muscle strength. If the Standing Missionary position is difficult to perform, it can be done in a standing position with the woman holding one leg up and the other on the ground to reduce the burden on the man.

However, it is important to note that this position increases the burden on the woman because her body is unbalanced. If the conditions are right, Standing Missionary can be a very exciting position.


Rolls-Royce is a variation of the Doggy Syle where the man and woman are on the bed with their feet on the bed, and the woman is on her knees with the man supporting her. It is a variation of Doggy Style, but it is a middle ground between Doggy Style and Back Sitting. It is a unique position named after the logo of Rolls-Royce, a British luxury car manufacturer.

When performing the Rolls-Royce position, the woman should first assume the normal Doggy Style position. From there, the woman should tighten her elbows and raise her upper body to a kneeling position, which is the Rolls-Royce position.

There is also a way to transition from the back sitting position to the Rolls-Royce, but this is a little more difficult and is not recommended because of the risk of damaging the man’s penis. This Rolls-Royce position is an easy position to attack the G-spot or Portio.

The Rolls-Royce is a position where the woman can easily control the angle at which she raises her upper body to hit either the G-spot or the Portio. The Rolls-Royce is an easy position to control, depending on the angle at which the woman raises her upper body.

If the woman leans heavily on the man, it becomes a back sitting position, and if the man turns on his back, it becomes a back cowgirl position, etc. Another advantage of Rolls-Royce is that it is easy to change positions.


Tsubame-Gaeshi” is another acrobatic position, where the woman straightens her legs from the so-called “Sleeping Doggy” position, and then raises one leg to be supported by the man. At first glance, it may seem like a complicated position, but if you take the positions in order, it becomes easy to understand.

The first step is to get into the normal Doggy Style position on the bed. From there, the woman should roll her upper body so that she is lying face down on the bed. From this Sleeping Doggy position, if the woman stretches out both legs and then raises one leg to be supported by the man, it is Tsubame-Gaeshi sensitivity.

In this Tsubame-Gaeshi position, the penis can be inserted deep into the woman’s body, and the warp of the penis hits her back well. Therefore, the Tsubame-Gaeshi is a very effective position for attacking Portia. However, it is also a very unstable position due to the nature of the woman raising one leg.

If the man does not support the woman when she loses her balance, there is a risk that the penis will bend in a strange direction and hurt her. Also, since the penis can easily penetrate deep, the man needs to be careful not to thrust too hard. If you pay attention to these points, you can have a very exciting sex.


In this article, I have explained some important points about positions that can help you get out of a sex rut. A sex rut is a big problem for couples, so it needs to be solved as soon as possible.

If you find yourself wishing it would end sooner during sex, or if you find yourself wanting to have sex with him less and less in the first place, there is a good chance that you are stuck in a rut.

Incorporating positional techniques as a way to get out of a rut can be effective in getting out of a rut because it can increase sensitivity and help develop your sex drive.

If you want him to actively stimulate your G-spot, “Cowgirl,” “Spooning,” “Kneel and Sit,” and “Rolls-Royce” are effective. If you want to orgasm in Portio, I recommend “Standing Doggy”, “Standing Missionary”, and “Swallowing”.

If you want to enjoy a different feeling of closeness and mental satisfaction, you can try Spooning. Each position has its own characteristics and different parts that can be stimulated. Master these sex positions and enjoy a fulfilling lovemaking time with him.