I want to please my partner! Sex techniques and tips for women

How to

When you think of “sex technique,” you may have the impression that it’s a male thing. It is true that men’s techniques are important in order to enjoy pleasant sex. However, women can also greatly enhance their usual sex life with a little bit of effort on their part.

This will surely make him happy. What could be better for a man and a woman than to have a good and comfortable partner? Girls should definitely improve their sex technique as well.

However, there are many people who don’t have a clear idea of what girls’ techniques are or what to do with them. Actually, technique is not that difficult to understand. If a woman does something a little bit different from what she normally does, a man will be more excited and happy.

If you keep practicing little by little, you will surely get better at sex and become a woman that a man can’t get rid of. So, in this article, I will thoroughly explain in detail the sex techniques to please him.

Can a woman be good or bad at sex?

When you think of good or bad sex, many people imagine that it’s about male technique. This is no different for men and women. For example, it could be the technique of caressing a girl, the way they move after insertion, the speed of their piston movements, and many other things.

On the other hand, when you think of female technique, it may not be something that comes to mind. However, it’s never the case that women don’t need sex techniques, or that they don’t make much sense to practice.

For example, what about foreplay techniques? When a girl asks a man to do a man-handling (vagina caressing foreplay) or a cunnilingus (vaginal licking foreplay), she must have thought he was good at it or bad at it.

A good man can make you feel very comfortable, but if he is not good at it, it may not feel good, it may just hurt ……. In fact, the same basic point is true for men. The better the woman’s blow job (foreplay for licking the penis), the more comfortable the man can become.

There are many times when a woman’s technique is also important when it comes to penetration in the real world. For example, cowgirl is a position where the woman has to take the initiative. If the woman’s technique is good, the man may come in a very short period of time.

Basically, even in the normal position, where the woman is on the receiving end, depending on the woman’s technique, the feeling of mutual pleasure can be very different. Thus, the technique of the woman does not matter, but rather it is extremely important for good sex.

There is a word “Toko-Jozu”, which means “good at sex”. It means “good at sex” and is often used especially for women. A woman who has a good floor can “bone” her partner, as I will explain later. A neat guy loves sex, especially good sex. If your partner’s

technique is amazing, your man will get hooked and won’t leave you. Improve your sex technique and become a body that men can’t stop having sex with.

The benefits of improving your sex technique

We’ve just outlined why women should polish their sex toys in the first place. However, I’d like to know more about it in depth anyway. If you’re going to go to the trouble of honing your sex technique, you’ll want to enjoy many benefits. There are three major benefits for women to hone their sex techniques, including

  • Improve the relationship between the couple.
  • Increased sensitivity and pleasure.
  • Prevent or break out of a rut.

As you improve your sex technique, you can enjoy these pleasing benefits. It is also important to note that when a girl is good on the floor, she will be more satisfied with sex, which in turn will lead to romantic satisfaction.

The woman herself will also be more sensitive, so sex will be more pleasurable than ever before. In addition, a woman’s technique adds a new stimulus to sex, which can be effective in breaking or preventing a rut.

The relationship with him gets better

When a woman improves her sex technique, her relationship with him becomes better than ever before. This is because of two aspects that affect the satisfaction of sex and the fact that a man cannot leave you. To begin with, honing your sex technique means making your man feel good.

In other words, it means that sex feels good. Some research has shown that sexual satisfaction affects the satisfaction of the relationship itself.

Basically, men feel good as long as they can ejaculate, but the “process” of sex is still important. All’s well that ends well,” they say, but in sex, the climax is enhanced by the good action in the middle.

If a woman shows a good technique in each part of sex, such as caressing, foreplay, and penetration, it will please the man that much more.

When a girl’s sex technique is amazing, he will be satisfied with the sex and the relationship between the couple will be deepened. It’s also important that he doesn’t want to leave you.

Men instinctively love sex. If a girl makes him feel good about that kind of sex, he will not want to leave. This means that a woman who is “on the floor” can “bone” a man. If she’s good at sex and feels good, he doesn’t want to let her go at all costs.

It also increases your own sensitivity

Improving your sex technique can increase a woman’s own sensitivity and increase her pleasure. In order to make yourself feel good, of course, you need to know where you are comfortable, but it is also important to think about how to move to hit those points.

Once you have a better understanding of this point, you will naturally be able to bring yourself into positions that are comfortable for you and fine tune them so that your penis hits the spot that feels good to you.

For example, in normal position, you can lift your hips a little bit, in cowgirl position, you can move back and forth as well as up and down, and in Doggy position, you can adjust the angle of your hips so that you hit the sexual area. If you don’t bother to tell your man, you can have more flexible sex if you move in this way yourself.

Also, when a woman is working hard like that, a man will suddenly feel more motivated. This will create a virtuous cycle of moving to make each other feel good, which will also enhance the pleasure of each other even more.

When a woman changes the way she moves herself, even the man can sense to some extent that it feels better that way. The next time the man may refer to those movements by himself and try to make it more pleasurable for the woman.

For example, the way he moves during penetration, the angle, and the tempo. In this way, as women improve their sex skills, they can enhance each other’s skills more and more. As a result, you may discover something new that you didn’t realize before.

Effective in preventing and breaking the rut

When a woman improves her sex technique, it helps to break or prevent a rut. This is because sex with a woman who has good technique never gets boring. To begin with, a sex rut is caused by a lack of stimulation and a certain kind of boredom.

In order to keep the sex pleasant and exciting, you always need some stimulation. However, if you keep having the same kind of sex for a long time, you will inevitably get stuck in a rut.

Therefore, no matter how much a couple loves each other, they will inevitably get stuck in a rut if they have been together for a long time. The most effective way to break out of the rut is to introduce new stimuli to sex.

This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you can try changing sex positions and movements. However, it can be very difficult in practice for men to try to change anything on their own.

This is where the female technique can be very powerful. If a woman learns techniques such as caresses and positions, it can make a big difference in sex. This stimulates and spices up the sex and increases the excitement and pleasure of sex.

When this happens, a man’s sex drive will get horny and he will enjoy hot sex like before. Of course, improving sex tecni is also an effective way to prevent you from getting stuck in a rut.

Sex techniques that women can do

The technique of sex is often left to men for some reason. It is true that sex is fundamentally male-driven, so it may be natural for women to be on the receiving end. However, that makes it difficult to have pleasant sex. This is because women don’t know what a man’s body is like. Of course, men can think empirically, but sometimes it’s just an itch for a woman to scratch.

That being said, it is difficult to tell a man “this feels better” or “this is how I want you to do it” directly, even if you are thinking about it. For these reasons, it is important for women to be proactive in improving their sex techniques. It may be difficult to get a concrete picture of what a sex technique is. Specifically, there are two main techniques: position and foreplay.

Men love to insert themselves into a woman’s vagina. That’s why they want to feel really good during penetration. However, the stimulation and movement varies greatly depending on the position of the penetration, so it is important to use the right technique for it.

Also, not only after penetration, but also before, the technique of foreplay is a chance to win a man over. If you can get a good blowjob, you might be able to get him boned just for that. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important techniques in sex.


The main dish of sex is “penetration”. This is the most comfortable time for both men and women. There are various positions, and special and acrobatic positions, such as the Indian “Kama Sutra” and the Japanese “48-handed”, are very attractive and dramatically increase the stimulation of sex.

However, since this article is only intended for beginners, let’s start by refining the techniques of the following three basic positions.

  • Missionary Position
  • Cowgirl position
  • Doggy Style

The above three positions are all the most major positions in sex. They are all unique and provide completely different stimulation to each other. Depending on the technique, their excitement and pleasure will skyrocket. Moreover, if you learn the techniques for these positions, you can apply them to other positions later on.

Therefore, if you learn these three positional techniques, you will be able to project to him the image of a woman who is good on the floor.

Missionary Position

Missionary is a position in which a man inserts himself into a woman on her back with her legs spread. It is the most basic of all sex positions. That’s why it’s a position in which a woman’s technique can be used. In the normal position, two of the most famous techniques that are very effective when done by women are “hips floating” and “legs up”.

Both of these are designed to “deepen the penetration”. This can make the normal position an even more pleasurable technique.

When a woman floats her hips, the line between the vagina and the vagina is closer to a straight line, which makes it easier to insert deeper.

It is very easy to do: Place a pillow or a cushion underneath the hips and push the hips down on it. In addition, if you do the M-shape spread, you will be able to balance the center of gravity and stabilize the position. This is the only way to get your penis deep into your body, and it will increase the pleasure.

Another technique for improving the pleasure of sex is to put your legs over the man’s shoulders. It is very simple, just lift your leg up to the ceiling and put it on the man’s shoulder. This alone can make the penetration deeper. It doesn’t matter if you have one leg or both legs.

It may feel embarrassing to have your vagina in full view of your man, but it will also make him burn. Enjoy hot sex in acrobatic positions.

Cowgirl position

The cowgirl position is one of the most favorite positions for men. This is because it allows them to get visually aroused by looking at a woman’s naughty body. For a girl, cowgirl is also a position that allows her to take the initiative, so it’s a chance to show off her technique and make him melt.

There are four techniques that a woman can utilize in cowgirl position: moving back and forth, kneeling up, spreading her legs in the M-shape, and binding him with her body. Because the cowgirl position is a woman’s dominant position, there are many different techniques that can be used.

In the cowgirl position, the woman usually moves up and down, but try to move back and forth as well. The trick is to move forward with your hips slightly lifted and lean forward, and when you go backwards, you should be able to sink down deeply.

The pace of movement can be slow. It is also very effective to move in large circles with your hips as you rub your vagina against the man’s body. Caressing the man’s chest with your hands will make it burn even more.

Moving up on your knees when you’re riding a cowgirl will also increase the amount of body parts in your man’s view, making it easier to get him visually aroused. This is especially exciting because it makes the vagina junction more visible.

In contrast, you can also increase your visual arousal by raising your knees high and getting into an M-spreading position with your hands behind your back and leaning your upper body back slightly. You can also boldly show him your vagina, which he will appreciate.

There is also a special technique that can only be used in cowgirl riding, where the woman is on top of him and has the upper hand. It is a very simple method of binding him to the body. All you have to do is move on top of him, bring your hands together and push him to the bed.

You can also put your weight on his chest and shoulders and tie him up so that he cannot move his upper body. If he is a masochistic man, you can force him to come on you in a cowgirl position, which can be very exciting.

Doggy Style

There are quite a few men who like to be Doggy Style. It’s a wild pose, and it’s instinctive and makes them that much more aroused. Since the back is a completely male-dominated position, it may seem like there’s no way to demonstrate the technique.

However, “changing the angle of penetration” and “guiding the patient to the lying back” are very effective techniques in the Doggy Style. Also, the hindgut position not only allows you to get very deep into the penis, but also allows you to surrender to the pleasure because you don’t have the embarrassment of having your face seen by a man.

Back is an attractive position because it allows you to insert your penis deep into the body, but if the pleasure is not good enough or it hurts, you will be worried about it. Therefore, let the girl move on her own and change the angle and depth of the penis.

If you open your legs a little wider and stick your hips back, it will be easier for you to move your hips back and forth on your own. Changing the angle of the hips up and down and adjusting the angle of insertion can also be effective in reducing pain and increasing pleasure.

Also, if you allow the woman to move in the back, it will be easier to guide her into the “sleeping bag”. The lying back is a position in which the woman lies face down on the bed with her legs outstretched and the man lies on top of her and inserts himself into her.

The woman can move naturally into this position by lowering her upper body from the normal back position and placing it on the bed.

The great thing about this position is the tightness and closeness. The upper body is not normally in close contact with the male and female bodies in the back, but in the sleeping back, you can feel the male body on your back, which can be very exciting.


We’ve just looked at the techniques of penetration, mainly the way you position and move in each position. But there are other elements to sex as well. It’s the finer points of technique, such as the use of naughty fingers, words, and atmosphere. Let’s look at some techniques that can be added to the position, broken down into the following two major elements

  • Techniques before insertion
  • Post-insertion techniques

It’s very important to create an atmosphere, such as how to increase the excitement and pleasure before he penetrates you. For this reason, you want to learn how to use your fingers and words in a disgusting way to make sex more exciting.

In addition, even after penetration, if you use it in combination with positional techniques, you will be able to make sex with your partner more exciting.

Before penetration

Sex requires technique after penetration, but it is equally, if not more, important to be good at the earlier stages. When you think of pre-insertion techniques, you might think of sexual caresses and blowjobs.

Of course, those techniques are also necessary, which we’ll discuss in more detail later. Let’s take a look at techniques using fingers and words. You might be surprised at the results you get.

Try “feather-touching” his body with your fingers while you’re hugging or kissing him. Feather touch is a touch that is fluffy and just barely close enough to touch.

Feathering touches on his body at key points can create a thrilling or titillating sensation. Another good feminine fingering technique is for a woman to grip his penis and guide it into the vagina when he is about to insert it.

Verbal assault” is a type of shame play, a technique in which a woman increases her sexual arousal by verbally stimulating her partner with embarrassment. For example, while sucking a cock, she might say, “You’re so big,” or “You’ve gotten bigger,” in a coy manner to describe his erect penis, or she might beg him for “I want it,” or “Put it in,” when she is penetrating him.

This kind of verbal abuse is very effective in increasing a man’s arousal, so try it out.

After insertion

Post-insertion technique is a big part of the technique after insertion, but again, fingers and words are a big part of it. You can use your fingers in the same way you did before insertion, but after insertion you can be a little more intense.

For example, touch his chest while you are moving in a cowgirl position, or hug his back tightly when he holds you in a normal position. This kind of closeness is a very strong arousal and increases the pleasure.

Women who are good on the floor are also good at complimenting. Praise him at key points, not only before but also after penetration. For example, it is a royal technique to compliment him on his technique by saying, “Wow,” “That feels good,” or “It hits deep,” when he is working hard on his piston movements.

By tickling his self-esteem, you can enjoy even more intense sex by tickling his self-esteem. In addition to praising him, it is also effective to describe your own pleasure, such as “I’m about to come” or “I’m so wet”.

A man can gain very strong self-esteem from a woman’s desire for his body. So mix in words like “touch me more” and “do it more” in key moments, as if you are asking him for more.

For example, if you ask him to touch you more and show off your body in a cowgirl position, he will be melted down. When the excitement and pleasure is at its peak, beg him for more.

Let’s explore non-genital sexual zones

When you think of male sexual zones, you might think of just the penis. However, men’s sexual zones are surprisingly large and are scattered in many places similar to women’s. If you can effectively stimulate those points, you will be more satisfied with your sex life.

If you can stimulate those points effectively, you will be more satisfied with your sex life. The following five sexual zones are famous for being easy to feel even for men, so women should be willing to stimulate them as well.

  • Nipples
  • Ear
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Hips

Stimulation of the sexual zones is essential for sex to feel good. The more sexual zones you stimulate, the greater the synergistic effect of stimulating many of them, the greater the pleasure of the main penis.

This kind of sexual zone caressing can be done not only during foreplay, but also during penetration. In some positions, the woman has both hands at her disposal, so combining them with positional techniques will make the caresses more effective.


When you think of nipples, you may think of them as a woman’s sexual area. However, in fact, men can also feel nipples. There are a lot of nerves running through female nipples, and they feel so good when they are caressed.

Men’s nipples have the same number of nerves, so they may not be as good as women’s, but they can feel quite well. So, women should also try caressing their male nipples.

With the diversification of masturbation these days, more and more men are also masturbating on their nipples, so many men actually want women to touch them during sex.

However, it is difficult for men to beg for such a thing because they feel ashamed to talk about it. So, if a girl actively teases her nipples, she might be very happy. In fact, the way men stimulate the nipples is almost the same as for women.

When you caress the nipple, you should stimulate it slowly and impatiently. You should trace your finger around the nipple and gently touch the nipple with a feather touch. Then lick the nipple again with a flicking motion and then try tickling the nipple again.

After a while, the nipple will stand up, so you can just pinch, flick, and roll it around with your finger to stimulate it more and more. You can make him melt with your nipple stimulate.

Nipple stimulation lights up the same area in the brain as the genitals.

Start with a light touch, and anything goes here. Lips, tongue, a feather, or a small vibrator are just a few ideas.

Trace around the areola before moving onto the nipple and sucking, licking, and even flicking. Blow or use an ice cube for some sexy cool.

If your partner likes it rough, graze the nipple with your teeth. Rougher still? Try nipple clamps.

Everything You Need to Know About Erogenous Zones


The ears are surprisingly easy to feel, even for men. There are many blood vessels and nerves in the ears, so good stimulation of this area can make him feel good.

Stimulation of the ears is very simple. As you caress his body, lick his ears with your perturbation. Try to start out with a discreet tickle, and then gradually increase the movement of your tongue.

Just be careful not to put your tongue in the ear too much, or you risk him getting a middle ear infection. Middle ear infections are caused by bacteria and viruses invading the ear.

No matter how well you take care of your mouth, saliva is not clean, so don’t lick the inside too much. Basically, lick only the earlobe or slightly inner part of the ear, and avoid putting your tongue in the ear canal.

Also, in the case of the ears, it is very effective to stimulate the hearing with sounds as well as physical stimulation with your fingers and tongue. Expressions of affection such as “I love you” or words that compliment your partner such as “cool” or “cute,” as well as slightly accusing words such as “naughty” or “dirty” are good.

A little exaggerated licking of the earlobe and making disgusting noises can also help build up excitement.


Just like women, men also feel it in the neck. The neck is a treasure trove of sensations, where every nerve is connected. Therefore, when you caress him, you should tease his neck as well. When you hug and kiss each other, try to kiss the neck as well. You can also try touching and licking the nape of his neck when you hug him from behind.

The neck is also a very effective sexual area to suck on. Many men like to have their necks sucked. It’s very easy to do, you just have to suck on his neck with your tongue. Depending on the intensity of the sucking, the stimulation provided will vary. You may want to deliberately suck as hard as you can to leave a mark on his neck.

Also, when you are moving in a cowgirl position, it is very stimulating to roll your body forward and caress his neck as you swing your body up and down. You can also do it like you would in foreplay, or you can suck on it as hard as you can, which will increase the excitement.

The caresses on the neck are simple but very effective, so you should also improve your neck-blaming technique to give him a surprisingly stimulating experience.


Many women like to cuddle and touch a man’s back because it is so big and strong. In fact, such a back is one of the sexual zones for men. When a woman touches his back, a man gets a tingling sensation.

This leads to the awareness that he is being blamed by a woman, which increases his sexual arousal and allows him to get pleasure from it. If you can successfully caress the back, that alone will increase the excitement of the couple.

The way you caress the back is basically the same as the way you do it for other parts of the body. During foreplay, try stroking his back with soft touches and flicking it. Moving your fingers around his spine as you trace them will also give him a buzzing sensation and a throbbing sensation.

Of course, squeezing his back when you hug him will make him feel loved and wanted, which will increase his excitement.

You can also try running your hands down his back and caressing him with your fingers while you are having sex in the normal position. The act of cuddling is a very important expression of affection.

Hugging releases a matching hormone called “oxytocin”. When you hug your partner, your back is the part of your body that is most likely to be touched when you hug him or her, so be proactive in caressing his or her back to show your affection.


The buttocks are a symbol of sexuality for both men and women. A man’s buttocks can be just as sensitive as a woman’s, so you can stimulate his buttocks in an erotic way. The most effective way to stimulate his buttocks is by stroking and rubbing it.

Start by gently stroking the roundness of his buttocks using fingertip feather touches in a large circular motion. The key is to caress the area near the crack of his buttocks as well.

Next, try squeezing and rubbing your buttocks with your entire palm and shaking them. However, men’s hips are firmer and less elastic than women’s, so rocking them may not make them feel very pliable.

Then kiss or suck on the buttocks with your lips. The trick is to kiss and suck at a slow pace from the base of your thighs to the mountainous area of your buttocks. This will also increase your arousal with the impatient effect.

You can also extend your ass caresses to include anal stimulation. Caressing and relaxing the anal area with your fingers, and then inserting your fingers or sex toys will give you a special pleasure.

However, some men do not like to have their anus teased, so you should watch their reactions as you go along. If things go well, you may be able to play with the anus, but in that case, it’s important to make sure that the anal enema is clean beforehand.

Blowjob Basics

We have looked at the sexual zones that men can also feel and the techniques to stimulate them. All of them are effective, but the sexual zone that men feel the most is the penis. The “fellatio,” in which you caress the penis with your lips or tongue, is a favorite form of foreplay for all men.

If this technique is amazing, you will become a woman who cannot be separated from her man. In particular, try to be aware of the following three points.

  • Make sucking noise
  • Move it around in your mouth
  • Two-point stimulation with other sexual zones

Men tend to be more easily aroused by sound than women, so sucking a man’s cock in an erotic way, making a disgusting sound intentionally, is very effective. Moving your tongue and lips while holding your penis in your mouth also has such an impact that it can bring a man to climax at once.

In addition, it is very effective to stimulate the other sexual zones I mentioned earlier and caress them with double stimulation. Let’s delve into each of these techniques.

“Men love blow jobs because the act feels like sex, but it’s a very different experience—they get to relax and receive and just enjoy what’s happening in front of them,” says Vanessa Marin, a certified sex therapist in L.A.

How To Give The Best Blow Jobs He’ll Ever Have

Make sound

Men are easily aroused by hearing, so making naughty sounds during blowjobs can stimulate his libido even more. Try sucking him off while making disgusting sounds such as “chup-chup” and “sizzling”.

This is not a vacuum blowjob, but a technique that can be done with a regular blowjob. You can make this kind of sound by putting your lips against the penis as you lick it.

When you want to make more erotic sounds, it’s time to try the “vacuum sucking” technique. A vacuum blowjob is a special blowjob technique that is performed while sucking on the penis.

The characteristic of the vacuum fellatio is the very strong sensation of adhesion and excitement as the mouth is in a vacuum and the penis is sucked. There are quite a few men who love vacuum blowjobs, so you will be able to please him.

The way to do a vacuum blowjob is surprisingly simple. First of all, you have to fill your mouth with saliva and suck on his penis, especially the glans, in a way that intertwines with his penis. Then, suck it up like drinking juice through a straw.

Control the strength of your sucking and continue to suck on the cock, adding up and down strokes as well. You can make him feel more pleasure if you concentrate on the “lining of the glans”.

Move it in your mouth

The vacuum sucking technique I mentioned earlier is one of the easiest techniques to make a man cum. On the other hand, you can also make him intensely aroused in a simpler way. It is a technique in which you stimulate the penis by moving the penis in your mouth, or by moving your tongue or lips.

This also leads to the so-called “glans head blowjob”. The turtle head blowjob is a blowjob technique that concentrates on the glans. There are so many men who love to suck on the turtle head. If you can do it well, it’s not difficult to make him come off with just a blowjob.

Pinch the base of the penis in your mouth and move it around in your mouth. The glans hits the soft, moist part of your mouth, which provides just the right amount of friction. Also, if you move your mouth in the same way you rinse your mouth,

“gagging” the glans with both your mouth and tongue, you can stimulate the glans with both your mouth and tongue, which is recommended. The most versatile stimulation can be achieved by moving your tongue in all directions and licking the glans more and more. This is the glans-head blowjob.

The trick to a glans blowjob is to move your tongue in a combination of multiple motions. If you repeat the monotonous movements, you will not be able to stimulate the penis sufficiently. The tongue can perform four main movements: vertical, horizontal, circular, and figure-of-eight movements.

It is also important to intersperse these large movements with “tic-tac-toe” or small increments of the tip of the tongue. Each man’s preference is different, so try to repeat the movements that are most comfortable for you, referring to his facial expressions and vocal sounds.

Two-Point Stimulation

A blowjob on its own is enough to make him feel good, but if you try a two-point blowjob, in which you stimulate other sexual zones at the same time, you can make it even more pleasurable.

The question is where to stimulate the anal or nipple area together with the penis. Anal and nipples are both sexual zones that are easily felt by men. The two-point stimulation is more effective if you develop each zone in advance.

The two-point assault is simple: You give a blow job and caress the anus and nipples at the same time. However, you need to concentrate to perform a good blow job, so you may not be able to give a blow job when you are doing the two-point stimulate.

In that case, it’s better to perform blowjobs manually and leave the nipples and anus to sex toys. There are special vibrators for each nipple and anal area, so you can try them out if you’re concerned.

However, there is one important caveat to the two-point assault, and that is when you lick the anus. That is when you lick the anus. If you are going to lick the anus, be sure to wash it before you do so.

Anal can harbor countless germs and viruses, which can lead to sore throats and upper respiratory tract infections if it is licked without being cleaned. Basically, you should only use your fingers for anal caresses, and then use a sex toy like Enemagula to enjoy safe anal play.

Maybe even with a sex toy!

In order to increase the excitement and pleasure of sex, it is very effective to improve your technique. In fact, besides technique, there is something else that can help you have stimulating sex.

That is the sex toy. A sex toy can introduce new stimulation into a couple’s time. It will spice things up and make sex even more exciting. It is recommended that couples use sex toys for each other.

What couple doesn’t crave even more enjoyable sex!? “Everyone could use more sex — it’s a good thing,” says Stacy Rybchin of My Secret Luxury. “Sex toys help couples to spice things up and have a variety of exciting experiences in the bedroom. If your sexual attitude is playful, then your sexual relationship will be more satisfying.”

How every relationship can benefit from sex toys

Sex toys that women can use on men include cock rings, rotors, penis sacks, and enemagras. A cock ring is a product that is attached to the base of the penis. The pressure on the blood vessels in the penis can increase the strength and durability of the erection.

It can also increase the size of the penis as it becomes more taut. However, sex with cock rings must be completed within 30 minutes at the most, so be careful not to take too long to insert.

A little bit similar to the cock ring is the penis sack, which is a unique product that actually makes a man’s penis a big dick. If he has premature ejaculation issues, it could be very effective. Also, although the rotor is a sex toy for women, you can make it feel even better by applying the rotor to the penis and nipples as you caress them.

It’s exciting when combined with a tortoise head blowjob, which concentrates on the glans, but he may be sore when the rotor is applied to the glans. In that case, try putting the rotor against the base of his penis.

If he has a desire for anal penetration, you can insert the “Enemagra” into his anus. The Enemagra is used to stimulate the “prostate”. In fact, men have a climax called a “dry orgasm”, which is caused by stimulation of the prostate gland. If you can get into this, you can give him the best orgasms possible. A woman could wear a “penis band” and make him cum by anal fucking.

Buy sextoys for couple in India


In this article, we have explained in detail how to do sex techniques to please him. Men love women who are good on the floor. When women improve their sex techniques, they can make each other feel more comfortable than ever before.

By adding new stimulation to sex, the rut will be broken and the couple’s relationship will be deeper than ever before. Lastly, let’s review the girl’s sex techniques.

A very important technique for sex is the way you position and move in the primary positions. In the normal position, you can use a cushion to lift your hips slightly or put your feet on his shoulders to deepen your penetration.

In the cowgirl position, move not only up and down, but also back and forth, and open your legs to show him your genitals. For Doggy Style, adjust the position and angle of your hips to vary the angle and depth of penetration, or bring him into a lying back position.

In addition to these techniques, fingering and verbal assault will increase the excitement. If you caress the sexual zones that are easily felt by men, such as the nipples, ears, neck, back, and buttocks, and learn techniques such as vacuum sucking and glans sucking, you will become a woman who is even better on the floor.

In particular, blowjobs can provide a variety of stimulation by making naughty sounds in addition to moving your tongue. Improve your sex technique and become a woman who is on the floor and can’t get him to leave.