Are you interested in SM play? 5 Soft SM Plays for Beginners to Try

How to

What do you think of when you hear the word “SM play”? It sounds painful and scary. …… There are quite a few people who have that impression. It is true that there are people who use whips, restraints , and other techniques that are very hard.

However, there are actually many different ways of doing SM. There is even “soft SM” which does not require unusual equipment, rather uses everyday objects that are readily available. Soft SM is becoming more and more popular these days, and more and more people are incorporating it into their couples’ sex life.

SM play doesn’t have to be scary; it’s more about “deepening the mental connection” rather than causing or receiving physical pain.

Soft SM is even more so, and is recommended for couples who are in love. However, even if you do want to give soft SM a try, it can be difficult to know exactly how to do it. In this article, we will explain in detail what SM play is all about, clearing up some common misconceptions.

What is SM?

SM is an acronym for Sadomasochism, a combination of Sadism and Masochism. Sadism refers to a taste for aggression, that is, a taste for sexual pleasure through the infliction of pain on others, while masochism refers to a taste for oppression, that is, a taste for sexual pleasure through the receiving of pain by others.

These names are derived from the French Revolutionary aristocrat and novelist “Marquis de Sade”.

SM is part of a specific concept of ” BDSM “, a grouping of lewd (painful) human sexual preferences. The “B” stands for Bondage, the “D” for Discipline, and the “S” and “M” for Sadism and Masochism. These BDSM plays are called “BDSM plays” and they include a wide variety of plays. One of them is “SM play” which I will introduce here.

In SM play, there are two sides, the top side and the bottom side. In SM play, the top player physically and mentally assaults his partner, while the bottom player is the masochist and is assaulted by his partner. There are various types of SM play that do not necessarily cause physical or mental pain, as there are many different types of SM play, although the details will be discussed later.

Some people believe that SM means “Slave and Master”, which is completely wrong. As mentioned above, the word “SM” has its origins in the sexual preference for “sadism” and “masochism”; it has nothing to do with Slave or Master, and the positions of “top” and “bottom” are reversed in the first place.

Also, don’t worry, there is no rule that says that men are always at the top and women are always at the bottom. Depending on a woman’s personality, she may be on top, and there are many men who like to be on the bottom.

Also, the position in SM play has nothing to do with a woman’s normal personality, and it’s not uncommon to find that a normally masculine person actually prefers being the dominant person. This kind of unexpectedness is one of the most interesting aspects of SM play.

In 2015, Indiana University researchers surveyed a representative sample of 2,021 American adults. Many said they’d tried some elements of BDSM: spanking (30 percent), dominant / submissive role-playing (22 percent), restraint (20 percent), and flogging (13 percent).

In 2017, Belgian scientists surveyed a representative sample of 1,027 Belgian adults. Those who admitted experimenting with BDSM—almost half (47 percent). Thirteen percent said they played that way “regularly.” Eight percent said they felt “committed” to BDSM sexuality ..

What Kind of People Enjoy BDSM?

Does SM play hurt?

SM play is a technique to enjoy the sexual excitement of causing pain to your partner or being caused pain on the other side. This may sound very frustrating. It may sound very painful and frightening, such as whipping or choking. However, there are many different types of play in SM. Therefore, SM does not necessarily involve physical pain. Rather, as shown below, SM is more of a mental act.

  • SM is not something to be feared.
  • Relationship based on trust is essential.
  • Start with soft SM.

There are many people who have a bad image of SM play. It is probably because they have the impression that it is painful and scary. However, SM play is not scary, because it is done with a partner who you trust. This is because it is something you do with a partner you trust.

As we explore more about SM, let’s look at some of the common misconceptions about it. You’ll find that you’ll become more interested in SM.

SM is nothing to be afraid of

A common image of SM play would be that it’s scary and painful. It’s true that some plays are designed to do that. For example, when people think of SM, they probably think of women in SM outfits whipping men, or men binding women hard with restraints, and that kind of play.

Of course, some people like to play like that, but it’s basically a very specific type of play that only a small percentage of people do. However, the average couple plays it very differently.

SM play in general is, to put it crudely, more “natural”. This is because SM play is essentially a passionate and loving act that is only done between couples that you trust. In fact, there are acts that are similar to SM play in your immediate surroundings.

These include “hustle play” and “skittling”. Many people may know of hurrying as one of the techniques of foreplay. In simple terms, it is to attack the most pleasant part of the body without deliberately stimulating it, starting with the surrounding area. …..

This kind of hurried play is actually a kind of SM play. This is because there are two types of play: one that delights in causing mental pain, and the other that delights in being subjected to pain. For example, let’s take the case where a man caresses a woman’s breasts and dares to touch the areola instead of the nipple and does not caress the nipple easily.

In this example, there is a woman who wants the nipple to be tortured quickly but feels it, and a man who is aroused by the sight of a woman being rushed. Thus, the key is that both are feeling sexually aroused.

The same can be said of skittling play, which is a type of SM play because some men are getting pleasure from being rushed and some women are enjoying watching it happen.

In other words, if there is a “blamer” and an “accuser” mentally, and both parties feel sexual arousal and pleasure, then SM play is a form of lovemaking where the love between the two couples develops and is a deeper expression of affection Thus, SM is not something that is scary or painful, but rather an expression of affection between couples.

Trust is essential

In SM play, trust between the couple is essential. Especially if it involves physical restraint, such as blindfolding or hand and foot binding, trust in each other is even more important. This is because it is basically impossible to get pleasure from sex if you feel real fear. For example, what would it feel like to have sex with someone you’ve just dated and have your hands and feet tied?

You wouldn’t get excited or feel good about it. Rather, this would be very frightening because you wouldn’t know what they would do to you.

Even if you have agreed to SM play appropriately, there is no way you can enjoy sex in that situation. This is because there is no trust between you and the person you are having sex with. You may feel a little scared or uneasy, but the feeling that you can surrender to that person is essential to SM play.

In the first place, SM play requires both parties to enjoy each other’s company and to be able to feel good about themselves. If one person is forced to do something or feels uncomfortable, it cannot be SM play.

In other words, trust is the most important factor in making SM play enjoyable for couples. If they don’t trust each other, they won’t agree to play, and they won’t feel comfortable letting their partner play with them during the play. In other words, SM play is not scary at all, but rather a way to deepen the trust and bond between you and your partner, because it requires you to bond with each other.

Start with soft SM

There are many different types of SM play. Therefore, SM does not necessarily have to be painful or scary. In fact, it is something that deepens a couple’s relationship, as it requires mutual trust. However, some people may be uncomfortable with SM play Because it often involves the use of special products. For this reason, it is recommended that you start with soft SM.

Soft SM “is, as the name implies, soft SM, or in other words, gentle SM play. For the sake of clarity, we will refer to regular SM play as” Hard SM “. The biggest difference between Hard SM and Soft SM is that Hard SM mainly involves physical pain, while Soft SM mainly involves mental responsibility.

Hard S & M is often accompanied by physical pain, as it involves binding hands and feet tightly and spanking (hitting the buttocks).

Soft SM, on the other hand, uses everyday objects to bind the hands and feet and other parts of the body in a simple blindfold. This is just a soft binding, and it does not involve physical abuse or mistreatment in most cases.

The main purpose of soft SM is to cause mental pain through light bondage play. However, I will explain in more detail later, but the pain is not hard, it is just to make the sex more exciting.

In other words, the mental aspect is more important in soft SM than in hard SM. Hard SM is designed to excite you physically, the soft SM does not involve physical pain and can be gentle. However, there is no point in going through the trouble of having soft SM play because it would be no different from normal sex.

This is where mental aggression and acceptance come into play. Because of the mental bondage and pain that is caused, it is necessary for both parties to be able to trust each other.

Avoid being in rut with soft SM!

We have briefly introduced the concept of “soft SM” which has been growing in popularity in recent years. But why are more and more people engaging in SM play in the first place? As mentioned above, soft SM involves a deep mental connection, or “bond”, between couples.

For soft SM to be successful, couples must have a deep trusting relationship with each other, as it is essential that they feel comfortable and safe with each other. Also, when couples who love each other engage in soft SM play, the love, trust and bond is even deeper.

The benefits of soft SM don’t stop there. In fact, soft SM has great power to help couples get out of a “rut”. No matter how much a couple loves each other, the longer they’ve been together, the more They get used to the relationship. Getting used to it is a good thing, but there is one aspect that can be a bit troubling.

That is the sex rut. A lovemaking session that started out so fresh and inflamed for both of us, but when you keep repeating it all the time, the pattern becomes fixed and you start to feel a kind of malaise.

Unfortunately, the sex rut can also have a negative effect on the couple’s relationship itself. It’s not uncommon for couples who love each other to be in a sex rut and slowly drift away from each other ……. The reason why this happens is because there is less stimulation from sex.

This means that when you can introduce new stimulation, you can get out of the rut. This is where “soft SM” comes in handy. Soft SM play has a unique stimulation that is not found in any other play.

With SM play, an outside observer might ask, “Why would you bother doing that? There are some things that you might think of. For example, you may not understand the point of doing blindfolded or limb-bound play. But when you actually do it, you’ll understand how interesting it is.

This kind of stimulation leads to freshness and gets you out of a sex rut. And then the relationship can become as loving as it used to be, and because SM play deepens the mental connection, you may find that you love each other even more than before.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking that your formerly smoking sex life is now a little lukewarm, you might be open to choices that seem a little kinkier. “Studies show that novelty is part of what drives turn-on,” says Christensen. “So when we can introduce a little bit of the unexpected within safe boundaries, we can rekindle some of that lost passion.”

How to Introduce S & M Into Your Sex Life

Start with what’s around you

Unlike hard SM, soft SM play does not use special SM products. For this reason, it is relatively easy for even those who are not very good at hard SM play as one might think of when thinking of hard SM. Soft SM play can be achieved by using everyday items around you, or by creating ways to have sex without items. Specifically, you can incorporate soft SM in the following five ways

  • Blindfold play with a towel.
  • Restraining play with a tie.
  • Tickling play with brushes.
  • Humiliation play with ice.
  • Teasing play by abruptly stopping.

Depriving a person of freedom of sight and limb is the basis of SM play. In this way, sexual excitement is greatly enhanced. Moreover, there are no special restraints used in soft SM, so it doesn’t feel too scary. If you prefer something softer, I recommend tickle play with a brush or brush, or shame play where you cool your body with ice.

The basic technique of hurrying play, which increases the pleasure, is also very effective for soft SM. The following is an explanation of each play.

Towel blindfold play

‘Visual deprivation’ is the basis of all SM play. The reason is that sight is one of our most important senses. It allows us to see what is going on around us and the situation we are currently in. Being deprived of this vision can be a very frightening experience.

As you can see when you try it in your daily life, you can’t even walk around blindfolded. You are so afraid of hitting something that might injure you that you don’t want to move.

The blindfold in SM play takes advantage of this psychological effect. However, in blindfolded play, you don’t have to move around while you are blindfolded, so it’s more like a “thrill” than a fear. This is because when you are blindfolded , you don’t know what they are going to do to you next.

Normally, we can judge a situation with our eyes, so we can predict what the other person will do next. When you wear a blindfold, everything is unexpected, which heightens the excitement and makes it easier to get excited.

Blindfold play can be practiced with towels you have at home, so it’s a great option for couples who are new to soft SM. It’s very easy to do, all you have to do is cover your eyes with a clean towel and tie it behind your head.

However, if the towel is too short, you won’t be able to tie it, so you’ll need to have a towel that’s just long enough. Also, be sure to use a clean towel because if you use a dirty towel, The timing of the blindfold is surprisingly important. The unpleasant smell will cool your excitement.

Good timing is when you can transition to soft SM naturally without surprising your partner too much. Basically, the blindfold should be worn at the beginning of sex or during the caresses. If you blindfold yourself in the middle of sex, the flow of the sex may become unpredictable.

Also, if the man is blindfolded, he may lose his position during the penetration, and it is dangerous. This can provide unexpected stimulation to the blindfolded man, which can make the play very exciting and pleasant.

Binding play with a tie

There are other things that are effective to take away in SM play besides sight. That is freedom of limb. Limbs are extremely important to us, just as much as sight. Without them, we can’t move or touch freely.

Deprived of the freedom of limbs, we still feel fear and anxiety. Soft SM “restraint play” makes use of this psychology. However, in Soft SM, since the freedom of your arms and legs is taken away by a trusted partner, the feeling of excitement is higher than the feeling of anxiety or fear.

When you think of bondage play, you might think of using special handcuffs. However, it can seem a bit hard and you may have a sense of resistance, or it can be a hassle to prepare the handcuffs. That’s why I recommend a neck- tie as an everyday item that can be used in soft SM restraint play.

If you don’t have a tie at home, you can use the towel or large handkerchief I mentioned earlier. By the way, avoid using a string or a rope as they can cause pain and leave marks on your hands and feet. With a string or rope, it is dangerous because it becomes too tight and may stop the blood flow.

The way to play bondage with a tie or towel is simple, but if it comes loose too soon, it won’t give you the right atmosphere, so here’s a special way to tie it. First, wrap the tie or other tie around both wrists in a horizontal circle. Then cross the two ends crosswise and wrap one end around the other lengthwise.

Then curl the ends together to create a knot that won’t come undone. However, if you tie it too tightly, your arms and legs will hurt and it will not come undone after you are done playing, so be sure to give yourself a little extra room. The details will be discussed later, but if you tie your hands in front of you, you will play softly, and if you tie them behind you will play hard.

Tickling play with brushes

A “tickle” is the act of lightly irritating the skin to make it itch. It seems like a very funny thing to do, but it can actually be painful. Some of us have experienced being tickled so much by a friend as a child that it made it somewhat difficult to breathe.

In fact, tickling that makes people laugh can cause breathing difficulties beyond a certain range, so much so that it is sometimes used as a torture technique. Tickle play in soft SM is an attempt to increase sexual arousal through such tickling actions.

Basically, you don’t need any tools for tickle play, but you can use a soft brush or brush. However, be careful not to use a brush or brush that is too hard, as it may cause strong friction and damage the skin.

Be sure to use a softer brush, especially if you are playing with the mucous membranes of your nipples and genitals. There is also a special tickler for tickle play called a “tickler”, which is shaped like a feather. This is a very effective tickler and is recommended for beginners to soft SM.

Tickler play is simple. Just use a brush and tickle the area you feel most comfortable. Especially, you should aim at your armpits, thighs, near your genitals, behind your ears, back, neck and knees, as these are the places you are most likely to feel by tickling.

It’s interesting to change the brush depending on the location because the feeling changes depending on the type and softness of the brush. Also, if you use the blindfold and limb restraints mentioned earlier, it will be more effective SM play. The excitement of not knowing where you are going to be tickled next is what leads to sexual pleasure.

However, tickle play can be dangerous if you simply do it because too much tickle play can lead to breathing difficulties and hyperventilation. Therefore, it is important to determine the “signs” that warn you of the danger in advance.

However, it’s hard to tell with physical signs like moving your arms and legs, so decide on something like a code word. If you are the bottom, or the tickler, don’t force yourself to sign when you are in pain. On the other hand, if you are the top tickler, you should stop tickling her as soon as you see the sign.

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Humiliation play with ice

One of the best ways to play soft SM that doesn’t use any special goods is to use ice for shame play, if you want to do something different. It may seem very surprising, but ice can actually be a very effective item to increase the sensitivity of sex.

This is because the application of ice causes a sudden temperature difference in the skin, which is perceived as a strong stimulus. In particular, the sudden cooling of the sexual area can be a strong sexual stimulus.

All you have to do is get some cold ice and place it on your skin or on your sexually active zones. At that moment, you will feel a cool sensation and your senses will become more sensitive all at once. You can’t help but scream, so you can enjoy it just like the “shame play”. However, be careful not to keep applying ice for a long time, because you will not only feel good, but you will lose your senses.

Also, if you use ice that hasn’t melted on the surface right away, it may stick to your skin or mucous membranes and become painful. Therefore, the trick is to allow the ice to melt slightly and become slippery before applying more and more ice to your body.

In addition to simply applying ice to your body, you can activate your sexual organs by performing foreplay such as kissing, blowjobs, and cunnilingus with the ice in your mouth. Blowjobs and cunnilingus feel great on their own, but using ice adds the chemical stimulation of temperature difference to the physical stimulation, which can be addictive.

In addition, if you hold the ice in one hand and leave the other in body hair, and take turns touching your genitals, you can repeat the temperature difference over and over again, which will enhance the pleasure.

Teasing play

“Impatience” is an important technique for enhancing the pleasure of sex. For example, when performing foreplay such as fellatio or cunnilingus, it is not advisable to suddenly stimulate the areas that are easiest to feel, ie the glans and clitoris.

Rather, it is more effective to dare to stimulate from the peripheral of the sexual zones and move to the main point later. This is because by putting off the most sensitive sexual zone later, you can make it impatient with …… that you want it to be quicker, but you won’t do it.

The desire to want something is even more intense when you can’t get what you want in front of you and you can’t get it easily. The same is true for sex, where being rushed makes you nervous and increases your sexual arousal. When the main stimulus finally arrives after being rushed, all the patience is released and the pleasure is booed as well.

In other words, because the mental arousal is increased by being hurried, the sexual zones become more sensitive as well. In soft SM play, you should definitely try to use hurry-up play as well.

Impatience can be used at many different times. For example, you can use it to impatiently remove your clothes during sex foreplay instead of stripping off right away, or you can use it to impatiently lick the glans from the root instead of immediately licking it during There are also times when a woman can control a man’s ejaculation depending on the position, such as during cowgirl or fellatio.

It is also very effective to rush your partner for a while without making him ejaculate right away. However, it is difficult to find the right moment when a man is about to ejaculate, so this technique is for advanced players.

This kind of stopping play is done by repeated stimulation and pausing. As the man continues to move in a cowgirl or blow job, the sexual excitement on his part increases rapidly, but he stops it midway. When the man is close to ejaculation, his facial expression will change and he will be breathing heavily as the pleasure is rapidly increasing.

If you stop moving at that point, the feeling of ejaculation is retracted. You’ll get your man rushed by playing with your body on the edge. However, it’s important to do the impatient play in moderation, because too much of it can be stressful.

Sex toys make things more exciting!

Soft SM doesn’t require special goods, and can be practiced with everyday items and a little creativity. For this reason, even those who are reluctant to try hard SM are likely to find it easy to adopt it. However, as you become more and more comfortable with soft SM , you will want to try out the merchandise as well.

It’s easier to get into the swing of things when you use SM-related products. Let’s try out the following three products.

  • Eye mask
  • Handcuffs
  • Ball gag

All of these goods can be used within the scope of soft SM. Don’t worry, you won’t suddenly turn into extreme hard SM play just because you use these items.

Eye masks and handcuffs can make the visual and limb binding that is the basis of SM play more authentic and make the play more exciting. Ball gags (gag balls) are so-called gags and are geared towards masochistic people. Let’s take a look at the details of each item.

Eye mask

The towel eye mask I mentioned earlier was a way to enjoy the feeling of SM without any goods. However, if you use a towel instead of a blindfold, it is difficult to fix it in place, and it can easily come and one.

Depending on the material and hardness of the towel, it may cause pain or discomfort. Also, for couples who want to get into the SM mood, an eye mask with a towel can be a bit of a turn-off.

If you want to enjoy full-blown blindfolded play, we recommend using an eye mask. Eye masks don’t have to be exclusive to SM play. There are some that are used for normal purposes such as napping and eye strain relief, so they However, a mask with a small hole in the eye area is useless, so choose one that makes your vision completely dark.

If you want to create an atmosphere, it’s better to choose an SM-specific eye mask, because it’s a unique design that will get you excited.

When you are blindfolded, you instinctively try to gather as much information about your surroundings as possible, so your body works harder to compensate for the vision you’ve been deprived of. As a result, our senses other than vision become extremely sensitive. eye mask instead of a towel, the effect is also more powerful.

In addition, eye masks are cheaper and more visually arousing than towels, and if you’re using a special SM eye mask, the design is erotic, so the blindfold wearer can get even more aroused.


Many people think of “handcuffs” when they think of SM play. Although we have just introduced the use of towels, the knots often come untied, and it is not always comfortable to play. So, try using handcuffs for SM play and tie your hands together.

There are many different designs of handcuffs, including pink and cute designs for girls. You can choose the handcuffs that best suit your tastes and the kind of play you want to do, so you can get the right atmosphere.

One of the biggest benefits of using handcuffs is that they can easily increase your visual arousal. If you use a tie to bind your hands, you won’t get as much of a unique SM play atmosphere. If you tie your hands in handcuffs, it makes the top and bottom positions clearer and gives you a “spanking” feeling.

It would be interesting to use realistic handcuffs, like those used by police officers, to create a strong sense of punishment. When you tie your hands in front of your body or behind your body, the impression you get during play will also change.

If you are not used to soft SM play, or if you want to play lightly, tie your hands in front of your body. The bottom side can see your hands and you can move your hands around a bit, which gives you a softer feel ..

On the other hand, if you tie them behind your back, you’ll feel like you’re really being restrained, which will bring you closer to a harder atmosphere of SM play. Also, if you wear handcuffs and an eye mask, you ‘ll get a stronger sense of being tied up and tied down, which will make it easier to get more excited.

If you want to enjoy a harder SM experience, the handcuffs and eye mask set is recommended.

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Gag Ball

You may not have heard of the name “ball gag (gag ball)” before. A ball gag is a so-called “gag gag”. The construction itself is very simple: a ball about the size of a golf ball, with a string attached to both ends. It is used as part of the “restraint play”.

The ball is held in the bottom (the person being held) and the strap is tied behind the head to secure it in place. This is the hardest of the goods introduced here for SM.

The charm of the ball gag is that it is much more unusual than the other goods. Because the gag is fixed with the mouth open, it looks very erotic and has an aspect of “shame play”.

You can speak, but you can’t talk, so it’s harder to resist the play, and it makes you feel more restrained. Basically, the ball gag is not used by itself, but is often combined with the handcuffs and eye masks I mentioned earlier. If you want to enjoy full-blown restraint play, try using them as a set.

There is also a ring gag, which is similar to a ball gag, but instead of a ball, a ring is held in place. The feature of this gag is that the mouth is open, so the man can stick his penis in the mouth and do “ima-latio”. It’s a product for masochistic women.

However, depending on the size of the ball or ring, it may be too big for your jaw to hurt, or it may not fit in your mouth in the first place, so you need to be careful. If you are a beginner and want to try them out, choose a ball or ring with a smaller size.

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Plus α for more excitement!

If you’re going to play soft SM, you want to make it as exciting as possible. The goods for soft SM that I mentioned earlier can make for very effective play. However, they were not intended to directly stimulate the sexual organs, but rather to increase your mental arousal.

In order to further increase the pleasure in sex, you still need a product that directly stimulates a pleasant point. So, let’s try the following four sex toys.

  • Egg-vibrators
  • Magic-wand vibrators
  • Vibrators
  • Dildos

Both of these goods can be utilized in vanilla play (regular sex) rather than for SM play. That’s why incorporating them in soft SM can make the sex more exciting. Egg-vibrators and densums are used for clitoral stimulation, while densums and dildos are inserted into the vagina.

Basically, they are designed for men to caress women, but on the other hand, women can also use them on masochistic men to tease them a bit.


A egg-vibrator is a sex toy that allows women to get sexual stimulation from vibrating small, egg-shaped goods. They are popular as the first goods that women are introduced to because they are often pink and other colors and have a lovely shape. Egg-vibrators are used to stimulate the female genitals, especially the clitoris.

Many people are familiar with them, especially since they are often used to get the vagina used in foreplay. If you are a masochistic woman and want to do soft SM play, I recommend using a egg-vibrator for impatient play and clitoral torture.

Basically, you can do what you normally do. The clitoris is very sensitive, so don’t start off with a clitoris, but get her to get used to it first with her fingers before using it. The trick is to mix in the impatient play I mentioned earlier to slowly increase the pounding.

Then, have your partner torture you more and more until you come on the clitoris. It’s a good idea to mix in some verbal abuse as well, to make it even more exciting. These days, there are also egg-vibrators that can be controlled. remotely through a smartphone app.

Remote-controlled egg-vibrators are expensive, but depending on how you utilize them, you may be able to make your play more exciting. For example, if you want to try a bit of outdoor play, you can put a egg-vibrator in a woman’s underwear and have him remotely control the egg-vibrator with his phone while you’re out and about.

It can be said that one of the major attractions of the egg-vibrator is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. However, unlike vibrators, the egg-vibrator is not waterproof, so do not use a egg-vibrator inserted into the vagina.

Although these egg-vibrators are often thought of as sex toys for women, they can actually be used by women on men. If the woman is on top and her partner is on the bottom, you can use the egg-vibrator to blame his sex The penis and nipples are especially recommended. During a blowjob, for example, try placing a egg-vibrator on his penis with a lower vibration.

If you get used to it, you can try hitting the glans. Even men can feel the nipples, so if you use the egg-vibrator like you did with the hickey, you can give him a different kind of stimulation.

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Magic-wand vibrator

A magic-wand vibrator is an electric massager, which is originally a medical device used to relieve stiffness in the shoulders and neck. However, it is sometimes utilized as a sex toy because it can be very comfortable for women to use on their genitals. Magic-wand vibrators are mostly used to stimulate the clitoris.

Therefore, a masochistic woman can experience a powerful pleasure when she asks him to blame her clitoris with a Magic-wand vibrator. However, it should be noted that the vibration of a magic-wand vibrator is far stronger than that of a egg-vibrator. or vibrator.

Suddenly hitting the clitoris with a Magic-wand vibrator during sex foreplay can cause pain to the clitoris. Rather than directly against the genitals, it is more effective to apply the magic-wand vibrator a little farther apart to convey the stimulation indirectly, rather than directly against the genitals.

If you place it near the vagina, such as the base of your thighs or your lower abdomen, you can feel the vibrations deep inside your vagina, and it may even make your G-spot and porthole feel better. Let’s try various things as a couple and find a way to use it more pleasantly.

Also, like the egg-vibrator, the Magic-wand vibrator can be used on men. So, if your man is a masochist, try blaming his vagina with a magic-wand vibrator. You can watch his face as he feels the stimulation of the magic-wand vibrator, which is a great way for sadistic women to get a look at him.

Even masochistic men will be very happy to see it. However, the vibrations of the Magic-wand vibrator are very strong, so please do not touch the testicles at all. Even if you don’t touch the testicles, you may feel a strong pain, so be sure to use it as needed.

Fairy Vibrator
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Fairy Vibrator


A vibrator is a dildo with a vibrating function, which will be discussed later, so the shape is similar to a penis. The egg-vibrator and magic-wand vibrator mentioned earlier are also a type of vibrator, but the magic-wand vibrator has a very different purpose of use.

Basically, they are designed to be inserted into the vagina by a woman to stimulate sexual zones such as the G-spot and porthole. These sexual zones are difficult to stimulate with a finger, but they can be easily stimulated with a vibrator. also effective when used by him in soft SM play.

The vibrator is inserted into the vagina and used, but it needs to be loosened up well with prior caresses. If you make use of the similarly egg-vibrator and have him loosen up your clitoris, the sexual zones in the vagina will be activated and You will feel it easier. There are special vibrators that are designed to stimulate the G-spot and porthole effectively, so you can try them out if necessary.

The good thing about vibrating Vibrators is that you don’t have to move them around a lot to get a good feeling. If you don’t need the vibration function, or if you prefer to be able to move it around freely, you can use a dildo, which will be discussed later in this article.

Vibrators can also still be used against men. Masochistic men love to have their anus blamed, though the details will be explained in the later section, “Dildos”. It is recommended for beginners to use a vibrator for soft SM play because anal torture is easy to do with a vibrator.

Bullet vibe silver Sexy Bullet vibrator
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Bullet vibe silver

Sexy Bullet vibrator


The dildo is simply the penis-shaped vibrator minus the vibrating feature, which I mentioned earlier. It is also called the world’s oldest sex toy in the shape of a male organ. It is the oldest sex toy in the world, so it is easy To use even for modern women. One of the main features of the dildo is that it does not have a vibration function.

It can be difficult at times because you have to move it all by yourself, but it’s easy to use it as you wish without being interrupted by vibrations. But it is easy to use without interfering with the vibration.

If you are on the female end of the spectrum, we recommend “anal play,” which involves inserting a dildo into a man’s anus. In fact, some men very much prefer to have their anus blamed. This is because it makes them feel very good to be tortured in the “prostate” area during anal play.

The prostate gland is a special sexual area that is unique to men. If you have an orgasm there, you can have a special kind of climax called a “dry orgasm”. However, there are a few things you need to be prepared to do when you perform anal play.

Anal is essentially an excretory organ, so it is important to clean your anus and rectum with an enema gradually. Then, carefully massage the anus with your fingers to get it used to it. Next, get used to the anus by slowly inserting and moving your fingers.

When you are ready to insert the dildo in this way, you can insert it. This will allow you to have safe anal play. However, it is not easy to stimulate the prostate gland with a dildo, so it is best for couples to develop his anus through trial and error.

Realistic dildo 5in New clear desi dildo clear
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Realistic dildo 5in

New clear desi dildo clear


In this article, we explained what SM play is all about, clearing up some common misconceptions about what it is. It’s no good if you don’t feel safe and secure in your partner’s hands. For this reason, trust in the relationship between couples is essential to SM play, and it is also a great way to strengthen the love and bond between them.

However, many people are reluctant to engage in hard SM because it requires special products and the play tends to get too rough. So, let’s start with “soft SM”, which is easy to start with using everyday items. Blindfold with a towel or binding up your hands and feet with a neck-tie, you can try the blindfolded play or bondage play.

Tickle me with a brush or a tickling brush, and you’ll be surprised at how stimulating soft SM can be. Humiliation play with ice, foreplay and orgasmic stimulation are also effective.

Once you’ve gotten used to this kind of soft SM without the use of any of the other toys, you can try the more serious SM with eye masks, handcuffs, and ball gags. You’re sure to enjoy it. You can also incorporate sex toys such as egg-vibrators, electric massagers, vibrators, and dildos to give both of you a more enjoyable experience of soft SM play.

By using the goods, you both may discover new sexual preferences and sexual habits. Incorporate soft SM to make couples’ sex more exciting and enjoyable.